Everyone needs a bedtime story sometime. Hypothetitech™ was started to cure the cabin fever we experienced during the Coronavirus. We are currently experimenting with two models to stave off loneliness, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

  1. A “choose your own adventure” by a simple, low tech call.
  2. Or a bedtime story, read to you, and then shut off.

Hypothetitech™ is a phone-based app and platform that allows anyone to record their own interactive stories for loved ones. This “choose your own adventure” style is an engaging way to connect with faraway people, especially those with limited Internet access and technology skills.

This app allows you to record your own low-tech stories for loved ones that may not have access to a stable web connection. We’ve included a sample story to listen to for inspiration before they record their own story.

This app runs on the Twilio Studio Flow program, an easy to configure visual programming language accessible to more than just programmers. We wanted everyone to be able to tell their story, not just those with access to developer tools.

This app was created in 3 days for the first Twilio x DEV community hackathon!

Call 503-455-7353

You can contact one of the co-founders directly at 503-999-7568. Send a text, and ask for Case or B. Greenstein.

Created for the Twilio Global Hackathon, April 2020. Documentation here:

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