Everyone needs a story – especially when they’re apart

What is a Hypothetical Vacation, you ask? With all forms of classical vacations on indefinite hold, we at Hypothetitechâ„¢ have worked tirelessly to refine a version which is safe for the Viral Age, which takes place entirely in the unreal space between your own mind and ours. This combination of imaginations can transport both parties to countless locations. You’ll see exotic sights and visit fantastic places, all from the comfort of your couch or bed.

To take your first trip, just contact our main line at:


Our automated operators are available day or night, and are always happy to take your mind someplace beautiful.  

This is an unlimited time offer. Your vacations will never expire, and your trips can be experienced in chunks as long or short as you like.

It is our duty, and our honor, to help shine whatever light we can into the fertile garden of your mind.

Wishing you a wonderful first trip,
 – Your friends at Hypothetitechâ„¢